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Surreal and unexpected!  Totally.  We want to thank you for your kind words of support – it has been overwhelming and heartwarming during such a heartbreaking time for our world. 


We want you to know; 

· We are open for business, Monday-Friday, 0830-1800
· Our team has been socially isolating, all working from home since early March, and we will continue to do so until it is safe to return to our office
· We are very optimistic about the rebound of the travel industry
· Verve has made appropriate and sensible adjustments to sustain this hiatus in travel activity
· We have an extensive continuity plan in place to ensure we are fitter and stronger when this is all over.
· While we currently have reduced staff numbers, we are covering all our normal services during normal business hours
· Keep calling us on 03 9804 5800 or contact us by email the way you always have.
· Our after-hours service continues operating normally, so we are here for you 24/7.
· Your account will continue to be managed and fully supported at all times.
· Our online booking tools, reporting, dashboards, and other technology is all available for you.
 ·We operate a full trust account that is independently audited every year. We guarantee that your money is held in trust and only used for your own travel.


The Verve team has continued to work tirelessly, systematically and extremely positively to cancel, defer and rearrange travel plans to ensure the safety and well-being of all travellers, while navigating hundreds of different supplier terms and conditions and pulling all stops to minimise costs for you.


We know there is little you can do for us right now, but when life ‘’returns to normal’’ and you are ready to book your corporate travel and that holiday, we are ready to look after you, your colleagues, your families, friends, and anybody you could refer to us. 


Together we want to create new opportunities and continue our very special and important relationship.  Please stay safe and keep close to us. 


And in the words of Winston Churchill, “Never let a good crisis go to waste”


Kathryn, Kurt, and the entire Verve team. 

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